James Capper: Ways to Make Mobile Sculpture (2017)


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James Capper makes mobile sculpture to be used in action in a wide range of materials or terrains. His works are sculpture, and sculptural tools in – or ready for – action. Drawing is an important part of his practice and he makes large numbers of drawings of all kinds – from concept drawings (defining, developing and outlining new ideas and concepts for sculpture), technical drawings (line or filled-in drawings used to work out how the sculpture moves) to presentation drawings (spectacular, often large-scale, coloured drawings showing the sculpture in its complete form) and in-action drawings (complex drawings showing the sculpture in movement across space and time). In this way, for every realised sculpture there are a large number of drawings accumulated from conception to completion, as well as drawings made after the sculpture is finished; it is characteristic of James to draw his sculptures well beyond the fabrication period and even to return to specific sculptures through drawings years after they are made.

Artist: James Capper
Publisher: Albion Barn
Year: 2017
Pages: 143

ISBN-10 0992717175
ISBN-13 9780992717179