Sarah Peters



76.2 x 53.3 x 40.6cm.

Peters’ “busts” are created intuitively, through numerous minute and sequential choices rendered in clay. Sarah Peters plays with the conventions of figurative sculpture. By moving an eyebrow higher and curving it into an incised line, the sculpture will resemble the RonaldMcDonald mascot; if a lip is turned slightly the expression will change from a beatific smile into the grimace of Medusa. Some of her busts have smooth, empty eye sockets prohibiting an explicit or reciprocal gaze.Gaping mouths mirror these voids, suggesting contemplation, singing or orgasmic ecstasy. Undulating hair links to our shared animal nature and echoes the sonorous rhythms of music. Balanced and contrasting with these sensual grooves are planar architecture and smooth surfaces that appear as if rendered without a human hand.