Ryan Gander

More really shiny things that don’t mean anything


Stainless steel
275cm diameter.

Using associative thought processes, Ryan Gander encourages viewers to draw associations, decipher meaning and invent narratives around his work. Using a wide variety of media from sculpture and architecture, to writing and painting, Gander’s practice explores ‘creative and associative collisions’. He challenges and questions language, knowledge, and the canons of contemporary art.

More really shiny things that don’t mean anything by Ryan Gander plays on the ideas of public sculpture, which might normally have a historic legacy or represent the fortitude of an institution or person. The work is made up of thousands of objects which form a large ball – as if the core is magnetic and has attracted ‘all the shiny useless objects that fill a city’. In this case, the sculpture has the scale and materiality of a work of ‘significance’, but in actual fact is simply an assortment of things with no particular meaning.