Jeppe Hein

Twisted Geometric Mirror


High polished stainless steel and aluminium
210 x 135 x 114cm

Jeppe Hein’s practice engages with the traditions of Minimalist sculpture and Conceptual art of the 1970’s in a lively dialogue characterised by humour and formal simplicity.

Twisted Geometric Mirror III belongs to a series of mirror angles, each comprised of two mirror surfaces intersecting at a 90° angle. It is composed of two mirror panels that are each folded in the middle. One side is bent inward, while the other one is bent outward. In addition, each panel has a triangular opening appearing like a diamond in the center of the sculpture from a certain perspective. With their partial and multiple reflections, the mirrors produce a fragmented view of the surroundings and enable the viewer to observe different elements of a space at the same time.