Cristina Iglesias

Pozo IV


Resin with bronze powder, motor, water, metallic structure, stainless steel container, electrical system, granite
104 x 154 x 114.5 cm (hwd)

Cristina Iglesias’s esoteric sculptures ‘redefine space by confounding interior and exterior, organic and artifice, combining industrial materials with natural elements to produce unexpected new sensory sites for the viewer.’ She describes her work as “pieces that are like thought, places from which one sees, spaces that fall between reality and image, between presence and representation, spaces that speak of other spaces.”

Pozo IV is from a series of works consisting of granite block structures which, upon approach, each contain a surprising interior core topography with a unique patina. This one, cast in resin and bronze powder, integrates vegetative bas-relief fiction with water and its sound. In these well-like sculptures, water runs in differently-timed cycles, inviting the viewer to think about an unseen below, an undefined depth that both emanates and gathers the water. It is this idea of the underneath that has continuously interested the artist, and it is within that limitless space where Iglesias constructs her work.