Wim Delvoye

Cement Truck


Laser-cut corten steel
912 x 238 x 370cm.

Wim Delvoye appropriates and diverts art-historical styles and motifs to trivial, yet unconventional, objects. Examples of this include intricate steel towers and carved patterned rubber tires. Cement Truck works within this body of Delvoye’s practice, utilising laser-cut Corten steel plates to throw the familiar façade of the cement truck into a neo-gothic silhouette. This piece captures the roughness of form, while also realising the intricacy and beauty of the architecture that inspires it.

A neo-conceptual artist, Delvoye is widely known for cleverly combining philosophical ideas, a fresh use of materials, and a love for craftsmanship. Blurring the boundary between historical production methods and the increasingly digital realm of contemporary art practice, he makes aerodynamic, mathematically perfect, intricate sculptures that take both art and design to new levels of invention.