Jeppe Hein

One Two Three


High polished stainless steel and aluminium
222 x 370 x 226cm.

In One Two Three, equidistant mirrored lamellae stand in the form of a serpent, creating three half-rounded spaces with differing diameters to allow entry. The mirrored surfaces reflect not only the viewers and their surroundings, but also the adjacent mirrors. Physical space is visible in the gaps between the vertical lamellae. The reflections create a fragmented view of the space, surrounding the viewer with an unfamiliar and distorted environment which is similar to that of a labyrinth.

Jeppe Hein is a relationship artist; he uses mirrors, steel and chrome to put the audience into states of physical and sensory resonance with the world and with ourselves. One Two Three is a social artwork; Hein invites people to share the bulging spaces of the labyrinth and have the courage to encounter themselves and others. His goal is to create a shared experience with endless avenues for reflection and communication.