Albion Fields I

8 July - 12 November 2021

Albion Fields is a sculpture park set within 50 acres of Oxfordshire countryside, parts of which have been rewilded - restored to their natural, uncultivated state. The grounds provide unique installation sites for artworks, spanning from open vistas to secluded woodland areas and positions beside a natural lake.

The monumental works of art will be showcased in harmony with the flora and fauna, the diversity of which is as integral to the ecosystem as much as the experience. Roe deer, badgers, green woodpeckers, hare and owl have all taken up residence since the land was taken out of agricultural use.

All of the exhibited artworks are for sale, and the first exhibition, created in partnership with Goodman, Marian Goodman, König and Lisson Gallery, will present sculpture by twenty six leading contemporary artists; 


Adel Abdessemed Daniel Buren Cristina Iglesias Joana Vasconcelos
Vito Acconci James Capper Alicja Kwade Xavier Veilhan
David Adjaye Claudia Comte Richard Long Bernar Venet
Ai Wei Wei Wim Delvoye John Pawson Rachel Whiteread
Ghada Amer Ryan Gander Sarah Peters Richard Woods
Kader Attia Douglas Gordon Eva Rothschild

Erwin Wurm

Rana Begum Jeppe Hein James Turrell


Albion Barn also partnered with Kate McGary  to present ‘No. 814’ by Rana Begum.